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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June 1, 2016 Baptisms, Brazilians, transfers, and 70s, Oh My!

We had a crazy week this last week. I didn't mention this last Pday but we had a baptism lined up for Saturday. I didn't mention it because it wasn't sure, but it totally happened. It was super cool, I got to perform the ordinance and it was amazingly spiritual. Pictures were taken but they haven't found their way to my iPad yet. I promise I will send you some pictures next week of it. 

Funny story about the baptism. Half of the fonts tiles broke for some reason and we got word that it would take two weeks to fix. It couldn't wait two weeks because I--- (the person who got baptized) is going back to training for the national guard this weekend until July. So we had to do it. So we got approved to do whatever we could to make it work. We ended up duct taping a rubber doormat over the broken tiles and using mostly the half of the font that wasn't messed up. When the baptism happened his head got crazy close to the wall, it was a good thing he was under water and couldn't hear the gasp...

The night of the baptism was also transfer calls. Drum roll please, I'm staying in Danbury! 4 transfers at least. Elder Gallardo is staying as well, he's awesome, I love him. The sisters in our district are staying but the Portuguese Elders got moved around quite a bit. We got roommates, their names are Elder Vieira and Elder Costa. They're both Brazilians and Elder Costa is fresh out just starting his mission. His English isn't fantastic yet, which is awesome because that means we get to help him learn English while we learn Portuguese! In other news Elder Sanford, the lone gringo out of all the Portuguese speakers, is coming back to Danbury after being a zone leader in Westchester then South Manhattan. We had a few other changes in the zone, but not a ton that affects me a whole lot.

On Sunday we are having stake conference. Elder Bennett from the 70 is coming to call a new stake presidency. Then he's going to stick around for the week and tour the mission. He's doing 4 special zone conferences capped off by an MLC. Our special Meeting is next Wednesday which means that our Pday is next Tuesday. So expect my email on Tuesday not Wednesday next week. Then we have MLC on Friday. Before our meeting on Wednesday he's having a short "leadership meeting" with the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders from the zones that will be attending that day, so I get to be in a meeting with <15 people with a 70! I'm super excited!

Have a great week! Thanks for the stories and the updates about people! Tell Elder Gallego I say Hi! I didn't get to see him before he left :'(.  He's awesome. Love You!

Con Amor,
Elder Sam McBride

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