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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

May 25, 2016 I Found a Chinese Dane!

So I'm going to jump right into a story this week. Two Saturday's ago our stake had a missionary activity for prospective missionaries. The activity was in the city by the temple. We had a few APF's (Area Proselyting Focus that are  basically little street events or activities that we put on to street contact people) that we were rotating through. The first one that we went to was at Columbus Circle by the massive statue on the south-west corner of Central Park. 

We had set up this massive plywood Book of Mormon and we're trying to talk to everyone. The wind kept blowing the Book of Mormon down so I had to hold onto it and just smile at people and try to talk to them as they walked by.  Nobody wanted to talk to me until this old but very excited Chinese woman walked up to me and asked me if she could have a Book of Mormon. She didn't exactly speak the best English but we fought the language barrier enough for her to tell me that she doesn't live in NY, had visited Salt Lake City and really wanted a Book of Mormon in Chinese, which we didn't have with us. She wrote her name, email address and phone number (that had too many numbers) in my notebook, and walked away with an English Book of Mormon and a promise that the Chinese missionaries would contact her to try to get her a copy in Chinese before she goes home. Fast forward to Thursday. We get a call from the Chinatown zone leaders.  They said that she responded to their email and gave them her address. They were asking for more information about her before they sent it to where she lives. And it turns out she lives in Copenhagen Denmark! What?! How crazy is that!? I found an investigator for Max's mission!

Also on Sunday the YSA Ward was meeting in Danbury and we had a less active member that wanted to go so we went with him.  After the meeting I ran into the Murphy's. We were in a pretty big rush to get to an appointment so we didn't chat for very long. It was cool to see more people that we know. Jared Murphy was able to give the member we brought a ride home, which was a little miracle because he didn't have a ride.

Thanks for being awesome family! I love you.

Con Amor,
Elder Sam McBride

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