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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March 2, 2016 New Companion!

I got a new companion this week! His name is Elder Gallardo. He's from Texas, but both of his parents are Mexicans, so he speaks both English and Spanish perfectly. He's pretty awesome, I've wanted to be his companion since I met him in August. In other transfer news, both of our roommates got called to be trainers, but neither of their companions are coming out till later this transfer because of visa problems. Elder Baldwin will be training a missionary in Yonkers that's from Brazil that was called here to speak English. And Elder Vieira will be staying in his area and training but his companion isn't going to get here for another 2 weeks, so for now he's in a trio with the other Portuguese Elders waiting for his companion. That means that our roommates moved out and for the next little bit and it's just 2 person apartment it's just going to Elder Gallardo & I in the apartment.

To answer your question I haven't met any more people that we knew but I'm sure I'll keep running into people.

We have a pretty good week coming up, I'm excited for our area and zone. We have MLC this week and the rumor is that Presidents going to announce the new Easter initiative. It's going to be sweet, when we have the initiatives going the mission seems to perk up and really get behind them.

The Plan of Salvation is a sweet lesson to teach. For me the most important parts about the plan of salvation are the doctrines that hold the different events together. For example when talking about the fall it's really important for the investigator to understand the story of the fruit, but it is so much more important to understand the doctrine of sin and the principle of agency. And the Bible teaches those points very well (I.e. When teaching Agency Joshua 24:15 is a fantastic example to use). I love the Bible, the only problem is that when the Bible gets opened, people tend to get defensive. So depending on the investigator we decide how much we want to use the Bible and we always use the Book of Mormon more, always. I love teaching, you learn a lot while you teach.

I love you, have a great week!

Con Amor,
Elder Sam McBride

New Companion, Elder Gallardo from Texas.  
Also, this week:  Our fab friend, Eric Bench, was visiting his family in New York and Connecticut and look who he just "happened" to see!  So exciting!  We are so jealous!

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