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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February 10, 2016 - Zone Leader Duties

 Hey Family! That's crazy how much you're changing the house! Are we even going to be able to recognize it when we get back? Thanks for all the updates on things, it sounds like a crazy week for the B Mcbrides. I hope everything goes great.

We had a good week filled with stuff that I have to do as a zone leader that's not a super exciting to write about but not boring to do. On Friday I went to my first MLC (Missionary Leadership Council), which is a monthly meeting that all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders go to in Scarsdale. It was a good meeting, but the exciting part was the ride down. We got pounded by snow on the way down, we made it on time because we left super early but it took twice as long to get there. The Mondays after MLC we have Zone Meetings instead of District Meetings. It's basically supposed to be a repeat of MLC, but crafted for our zones specifically. It went pretty well, I gave a training on Goal setting and Accountability. After Zone Meeting I went on a Companion Exchange with Elder Michia, whose the companion of one of the District leaders. I was in their area for the day with Elder Michia. Since the exchange was for 24hrs I stayed in their apartment for the night which is in Peekskill New York.  The building that it's in was built in 1846 and has a great view of this lake and the nuclear power plant. I wish I had gotten a picture. We had a good exchange.  The coolest part was when we found a less active member whose Mom is an active member in the last ward that I served in. It was a pretty cool miracle. Elder Michia's a pretty interesting guy, he's from Buenos Aires Argentina.  Argentinians speak Spanish but it's very different from the Spanish spoken in most other countries, so sometimes people don't understand him perfectly. It's kind of a funny situation sometimes, but it always turns out well.

We have a pretty big week ahead of us. We have Zone Conference on Friday. And a Baptism Sunday! It's the same investigator whose baptism got canceled because of the storm. She's been investigating for 7 years, so many missionaries have taught her but now she finally feels ready. It's super cool to see.

I did get my glasses figured out. And thanks for getting me new insoles, I haven't gotten them yet but thanks in advance. I hope everyone has a great week!

Con Amor,
Elder Sam McBride

Mission Leadership Council

Selfie Time with Pres Smith

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