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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

August 26, 2015 Q&A on the subway (haha that rhymed)

1.  How do you like living in the city?

Living in the city is good and bad, I don't really know how it compares to being upstate yet but from what I've heard from other missionaries I think I'll like being in the city more.

Is it a non-stop pace?  

Yep always non stop walking around trying to catch buses, running through the turnstiles to try to catch a subway that just showed up, and depending on the street sometimes crosswalks are just a suggestion. It's pretty funny how passive I've gotten at just kind of walking quickly, dodging people and cars, and figuring out where I am and where I'm going based off street signs.

Do you love it or does it wear you out? 

I love it and one of the reasons is because it wears me out. I come home at the end of the every day tired, hungry, and ready to go to bed. It's honestly a great way to live because I almost always go straight to sleep and don't have the energy to sweat the small stuff.

I love that you live in cities with Art in public spaces.  Do you see much of that, Sam?

We don't have a ton of art in our area but we have a statue of a butterfly pod, and a painted subway tunnel in the area above us. We have one wall that's pretty sweet I'll get a picture that I took for Elder Gallego and put it on this email.

2.  What do you have in your kitchens? 

Do you have a toaster?  

A blender?  

A mixer?  

A crock pot?  
Nope but if we want one the mission office can bring us one

Would you want one?
We usually just stick to stove top and microwave, and sometimes we'll make milkshakes on pday with the blender.

3.  Do you eat most of your meals at home?  

Yep pretty much all of them

How often do you get fed by members? 
Not too often, but when we do it's usually some Dominican spaghetti or la bandera

4.  What's your favorite thing you are studying right now?

That's a tough one, right now I'm studying the BoM one chapter a day really taking it slow, I'm flying through the New Testament, and PMG how to use time effectively in Spanish during my personal study's. During my extra time when I'm tired and don't feel like reading I'm watching all of Elder Holland's General Conference talks chronologically and when I'm not tired and feel like reading, I'm reading out of one of the institute manuals which is super awesome. It's hard to pick but the Book of Mormon/New Testament personal study combo is really great, they really truly support each other and when read together revelation flows.

6.  Sam, is there anyone from the ward that is super helpful to you?

Our Bishop is awesome, Bishop Mena, he is such a good leader and never really gets fazed by anything.

Cole and Ike sound like they're doing great, that I hope Cole's liking his teachers. I remember how weird it was switching to having a bunch of different teachers from just having one.  It can be kind of overwhelming adjusting to how 6 different people want you to act and learn, but being versatile and teachable are skills that you are going to need your whole life. And Junior high is the start of that in a lot of ways. It's awesome that Ike gave that sweet talk in primary, I hope he liked it.  I wish I had given some more talks before my mission.  I think it would've directly applied to teaching on a mission because it forces you to develop skills like explaining yourself simply, clearly and directly which is so key to people understanding our message. I hope they both have great school years I thinks it's kind of funny that I'm basically gonna be gone for the entire time Cole's in Jr high, I left right before he finished 6th grade and I get back just before he finishes 8th wow.

Haha that sounds like a really goofy event, I bet it was fun. My second day in the mission they had a ward game night and it was hilarious.  We played a bunch of weird games that I had never heard of before, like this weird version of musical chairs where you basically got assigned a fruit and if they called your fruit you had to get up and find a new chair.  If you were the person who didn't get a chair, you would have to do something goofy like sing a song or tell a joke. My companion lost like 5 times.  It was really funny.

Weird. I can't really remember Dad ever going to DC.  I hope he has fun.

We had a pretty good week this last week, but there's not a whole lot to update you on. We're just chugging away trying to find someone that has the time and/or the desire to actually meet with us consistently. It's great, though, we find some sweet new potentials every week and some of the members that we teach are really growing in the gospel.  It's great to see. My Spanish is coming along even though sometimes it doesn't feel like it, but Elder Buckley says that it's really been improving the last couple of weeks. 

I love you family have a great week!

Con Amor,
Elder Sam McBride

Elder Gallego next to some nearby Street Art

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