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Thursday, June 4, 2015

June 4, 2015 2 1/2 Weeks Left and Lots of MTC Pics

Dear Mom,

I sent you a ton of pics with captions so I'm gonna keep this short. This week was tough.  I caught a cold last Thursday that is just starting to lighten up, but I just decided I was gonna fight through it so I didn't have to miss any class and it didn't really seem to affect how fast I was learning.  I just kinda felt like crap while I was learning. 

We had Elder Christofferson, its really weird having apostles come in and talk a little less formally than normal. He talked about Elder Perry and how awesome he was.  He said that a lot of the time they would have things come up in the 12 and he would say, "Give it to the 5 young Boys" (Bednar, Holland, Anderson, Christofferson, and Cook).  It was really funny. Then he proceeded to answer basically Missonary FAQ's haha. He gave some good advice on a bunch of different stuff. 

The other district in our zone leaves next Monday and Tuesday.  Then we get a new district on Wednesday.  It'll be fun to meet the new people, but I'm really gonna miss the other guys. I'm bummed Larry and Jack aren't coming a little earlier.  I'll be looking for Larry because I'll probably be a Host (one of the people who meets them on the curb and takes them to their room and classroom, so I'll try to find him). 

Congrats on an awesome trek and good job making it fun for them. Tell Ike I love him and tell Cole, too, and to really take advantage of those first scout camps.  They make it a lot easier to get your eagle in the end. I love you all so much.  Thanks for the brownies.  They were really good, but we get way too much junk food here at the MTC, so we ate half the tray and then gave the rest of the tray to some native Spanish speaking missionaries who devoured the rest haha.

I love your Dear Elder letters.  Getting one of those is so much better than a treat in the MTC to be honest because they give us way too much dessert at lunch and dinner. Please text Emily McBride and tell her I say thanks for her box.  I don't know her email. I love you all.  Have a great week.  I'll focus on the email next week so I can give you some more info.

Con Amor,
Elder McBride

Great full zone pic except Elder Lau is a lil cut off
This is a picture of all of the elders in our zone.
We're all studs.
This is the best picture of all of the Hermanas in our zone.  They're all super nice.  One of them is going to Tuscon.  From the left, we have Hermana Hebden, Krage(my District), (can't spell the next name), Clark(My district), Greenalch (my district), Bradford (my district),Gregory (my district), and Von Kampfen
I set this picture up then ran in that's why my head is behind Senden's.
The smudge on my Camera really helps this pic look dope
Jenks with Canlass between his legs + a really pretty background
Elder Lau is a goofball!  On our Sunday walk last week he and Elder Clegg took a
picture with every group he saw Elder Palei is taking the picture
This picture is of the back of the temple. The smudge might be a bit distracting,
but I'm really thankful I brought a good camera and know what I'm doing.
The temple is pretty and I'm really happy I brought a good camera

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