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Thursday, June 18, 2015

June 18, 2015 Travel Plans!

Hi Family,

I'm so ready to be out of here! The other missionaries in my district are saying that they think it went by so fast, but I feel like I've been here for a year haha. Pretty normal week, I'm still sick, but I went to the doctor and he prescribed me some hardcore cough meds, and probably an antibiotic tomorrow so hopefully I'll be good by Tuesday. Good thing I saw him because the Health Center can only charge $10 for prescriptions, so it's pretty cheap and we get to walk down to the BYU Health Center to pick them up which is super nice because the weather's great, but here at the MTC you're mostly inside or walking underneath these massive sidewalk covers so you don't get a ton of sun. 

We had a sister go home from our district at the beginning of this week for some health/mental things word is that she's doing good.

The new guys in our zone are pretty cool.  All of them except for 1 are 18 and only 2 of them didn't just graduate. It's weird having all these guys around us because before they got here our zone consisted of mostly missionaries who had finished a year of college and worked. So now there is a little immature high school drama, but most of them have a real desire to be here. 3 of them are from AZ. 1 of them just graduated from Mtn. View.  He's pretty cool, Elder Buress he's like a 6'5 skinny volleyball player. We got a new missionary yesterday.  He went home early from the Mexico MTC last year and is coming back out. His name is Elder Gubler from St. George he says he knows Uncle Mark, Hailee, and Malea. I've only had a sec to get to know him but he seems pretty devoted. 

I get these bursts of energy, then I get super tired.  I've fallen asleep in personal study time twice this week. I hadn't fallen asleep once until this week during the day haha. Other than that, I've been doing super good.  I finished my language book yesterday, which does not mean I can speak Spanish, but it does mean that I've been taught all of the tenses.

Ike and Cole's emails were so sweet. I read Ike's to Elder Porter and we laughed at how he explained his joke, so cute. Good Luck, Cole!  Be a stud.  Try your best and if you do, be content with the result. I repped my RMD shirt this morning.

I love you all so much and look forward to talking to you on Tuesday I already sent you a separate email with my travel plans on it.

Con Amor,
Elder McBride

p.s. Yep, I found Larry. Check-ins are pretty calm if you don't get assigned to be a "Host", which basically just shows the newbie's around. Haven't seen my pres yet but I wouldn't be surprised if he were here. Elder Porter hasn't gotten to sing yet.  We're hoping for the big Devo on Sunday. Yep he's kind of a goofball loves musicals and stuff like that, too.

These are the new guys minus the newest one who came in yesterday.

Elder Porter and Elder Canlass walking to the temple.

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