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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July 29, 2015 Pretty Regular Week. Sorry This is So Late

I'm sorry this is so late, Mom, the subway station internet is down so we had to make a special trip to Dunkin Donuts to get internet ha.

How's it going Family? I hit my month mark last week which is pretty crazy, It's weird to think that I was finishing up my Freshman year of college 3 months ago and now I'm here in Washington Heights trying to teach people about the Gospel in Spanish.  That's a bummer you're finally heading home, it seems like you've been up there forever. It's nuts that Cole and Ike are heading back to school! I left before they got out. Cole's starting at Fremont right?  Make sure he tells us who his teachers are because I wouldn't be too surprised if some of them were still around. Tell us who Ike's teacher is too I can't even remember who my 3rd grade teacher was. The only teachers I really remember from 7th grade were my coaches. That weight lifting class that I took ended up being pretty awesome because when you're that young the improvement is so fast.

Pdays are always interesting. We just got done playing volleyball and Gatorball (This really weird soccer/lacrosse/hockey game) in the Harlem church building which is sick, the basketball court was on the 5th floor. I've actually gotten really good at volleyball because that's what we did everyday in the MTC. It was a ton of fun, but now I'm super tired and sweaty. We only have a couple lessons tonight with some less active members so I'm not worried about having to run across our area for 6 hours straight like we have to do sometimes.

There's not a whole ton to update you on this week. We've been really focusing on the members recently because we don't usually get a ton of help from them, so we've been trying to get them to trust us by visiting them a lot and just trying to be as helpful as possible. We have an investigator that is going to get baptized but he wants to move down into our ward boundaries first. He's been looking for a place for awhile but he never misses church, keeps all the commandments, and listens to everything we say. I'm super excited for him but he's being super picky about where he's gonna live and it's kinda driving me and Elder Buckley nuts. He's great though.  We gave him an Ensign this week to read a talk from President Monson.  

Next week this email could come from somewhere else because it's transfers. Elder Buckley says that I'll probably still be here but who knows. I'll know by Saturday. We have a Mission wide conference call tomorrow which is really crazy we've never had one before, we're expecting some changes so everything is possible right now.

I love you all so much. I'm doing great I hope you are too.

Con Amor,
Elder McBride

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