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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July 22, 2015 One Month in the Field!

Sounds like Park City is a ton of fun! I bet the weather is super nice there, sometimes especially early in the morning it feels so good to be outside but then it starts to heat up and by the time we're done with studies it's like a humid oven. I'm pretty much used to just being a sweaty mess all the time haha. We had a little microburst rain storm last week that started right before we left for an appointment with a new member so we got soaked from like the belly button down but since it only rained really hard for a little bit we were soaked all day and had to explain ourselves to everyone. It was more funny than miserable, though, and I had an excuse for being wet other than just sweaty.

That's awesome that Cole got to try scuba diving.  At first it's really scary having to rely on a tank and a tube for one of the most basic natural functions of life but, once you get under for a few minutes you get really used to it. Not gonna lie the first few days of the MTC and the field felt like the first few minutes of scuba diving, but after a few days it becomes normal.  

We had a really good week last week but, it's really hard getting people to keep commitments. They'll be super excited to do it then when we leave nothing gets done. It's ok though.  Every once in awhile we find somebody super good or our persistence pays off and somebody finally reads or prays.  We had a great day yesterday. Every single one of our appointments fell through, but like every back up plan we had went perfectly. We found a couple new kids and an inactive member that nobody's talked to since before Elder Buckley got here 4 months ago. To finish the day off we met with a new member who is awesome but she's struggling right now because her mom died last week. We met with her 4 or 5 times in the last week she had some really tough questions about the spirit world and why priesthood blessings don't always work. We were able to answer all of them though and she's feeling better. 

We're trying to take a bunch of the members in our area up to the temple to do baptisms for the dead because we have a bunch that have had some serious time as members, but have never gone. Hopefully it works out before transfers because this is gonna be President Smith's first transfer so anything could happen.  

We just got done playing ultimate frisbee in Central Park with the AP's and President Smith's son, William. Elder Gallego's companion Elder Gagnon used to play on a school team up in Idaho which is awesome because it's no fun to play when you're the only person that can really throw. Elder Gallego's always a hoot as you guys know, it's still super weird waking up and seeing him come out of the other room then fall asleep on the couch.  

Hey Mom thanks for being clutch on the mess you're the best! Dad, how's your venture goin? I taught my apartment economics yesterday.  You would've been proud haha. When does school start for the lil bros? Is Cole gonna do band or computers?

I love you all!

Con Amor,
Elder McBride

Only have one selfie for us this week, sorry I've been way to busy.

With Elder Gallego on the Subway.

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