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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

October 26, 2016 Great Week. Lots of Success.

This week was pretty awesome. We had 4 zone conferences, but somehow managed to find time to teach a whole bunch and were really blessed as we did so. We received a request for a bible two weeks ago and were finally able to contact her on the phone. She seemed super cool so we went by and taught her and her husband last Wednesday and Friday. They loved the message and then came to church on Sunday. We have some high hopes for them. I'll send a selfie that we took with them to send to the Ward council, so they could be looking for them at church. 

On top of them we have this super awesome active family in our Ward from Ghana. The grandmother of the family has a grandson in his 20s who we had met once, but at the time he didn't seem too interested, but on Thursday we went over for dinner with them and the grandson was super into the message. He committed to getting work off so he could come to church by this coming Sunday. Then we were able to set a baptismal date with him. He's awesome. We have a miracle in process with that family. The Grandma's older daughter is not yet a member and she also came to church this week solely because her 8 year old son wants to get baptized. She turned out to have a great experience! We invited her to be baptized with her son. She seemed willing, but said she had to think about it. We told her to think and pray about it. 

It's great to hear all the news from home. Way to go Ike! Honor roll is a great accomplishment! You're awesome! I hope you have a great Halloween! 

Con Amor,
Elder Sam McBride

1. We had Ghanaian Jelof Rice with a member family. It was by far my favorite food that I've had from Ghana.

2. This is the selfie we took with our investigators R--- and S--- that we sent to our Ward council so they could look out for them. Also R--- is not wearing a robe... it's just a unique shirt.
3. Elder Stokes hurt his foot 12 weeks ago and never got it checked out. It was still bugging him so we went in to see what was up. The X-ray came back that he had a broken bone that was starting to heal incorrectly. Super bummer, but he's doing ok.

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